Pilot Dinner with Ralph Lauren Home

On Wednesday, August 15, Casa Dragones co-hosted an intimate, VIP summer dinner with William Li of Ralph Lauren Home, at Pilot—the seasonal, zero-waste oyster bar aboard an immaculately restored historic schooner docked in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

As guests arrived boarded the boat, they were greeted with the Polo Shot, a signature craft cocktail made with Casa Dragones Blanco, kalamansi, lime, fassionola, and mole bitters. Dinner began with rounds of oysters and a toast from Casa Dragones cofounder and CEO Bertha González Nieves. Following, dinner started with caviar hash browns (a Pilot specialty) and moved into a fresh tomato and watermelon salad with ceviche, soft-shell crab served over salad, and lobster rolls with fries, while guests continued to enjoy our Joven throughout the evening.



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