Hecho en Jalisco: Casa Dragones Collaboration with Ceramica Suro, Jose Davila and José Noé Suro

Tequila Casa Dragones joined forces with Ceramica Suro and Mexican artist Jose Davila to create Casa Dragones Dinnerware. This collaboration combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary art to celebrate Jalisco’s artistic history and its key role in tequila production.

Recognized in their own regard, José Dávila and José Noé Suro are Jalisco-born artists that have been internationally recognized for their novel designs and contributions to the contemporary Mexican art scene. Davila is best known for using common materials to develop profound pieces and his work has been showcased both nationally and internationally. Jose Noe Suro, whose workshop is in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, produces one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces in collaboration with local artisans and contemporary artists.

Casa Dragones was pleased to collaborate with both artists in the creation of a unique dinnerware collection. This collection will be used exclusively for Pairing Table Dinners at La Casa Dragones. The collaboration amongst Casa Dragones, Jose Davila, and Jose Noe Suro marks the final step in completing the Pairing Table experience and truly showcases our commitment to celebrate artistic and culinary talents.

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