Dragon Flame Tequila Cocktail Made With Casa Dragones

Dragon Flame by Pablo Salas and Osvaldo Vázquez

Chef Pablo Salas, Chef at the Mexican restaurant, Touluca’s Amaranta, and Osvaldo Vázquez, Head Bartender of Los Cabos’ luxury hotel Capella Pedregal joined together for a jamming session during MesaAbierta in San Miguel de Allende. The result was a one-of-a-kind the Dragon Flame cocktail crafted with Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco alongside the additions of adventurous ingredients such as apple chilli, chile manzano and egg white. The Dragon Flame is a unique blend of flavors and makes for a beautiful, refreshing drink.


2 oz. Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco
½ oz. lavender syrup
1 egg white
2 oz. lychee
1.8 oz of roasted agave
3 slices of Apple chili
3 drops of Angostura
1 splash of homemade orange blossom Bitters
Cilantro flower
Slices of chile manzano
Muddle the lychee and roasted agave with the lavender syrup, then add Casa Dragones Blanco, egg white and ice. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds, then strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Add the Orange Blossom and Angostura bitters. Garnish with a sliced apple, chili, and cilantro flowers.

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