Casa Dragones Celebrates Top Culinary Talent

Tequila Casa Dragones showed its support for top culinary talent during an all-day excursion in Mexico City’s ancient Xochimilco canal for a showcase of Mexican cuisine, panel discussions, and the celebration of Chef Leonor Espinosa as winner of the Basque Culinary Center Awards.

Preceing the event, a cocktail party was held at Enrique Olvera’s new Pujol restaurant, where Tequila Casa Dragones was served and Chef Leonor Espinosa was awarded the Basque Culinary Prize. Mexican Chef Ricardo Munoz Zurita was also amongst the nominees of this prestigious award. Zurita, who has been recognized in the past for his take of Mexican cuisine, has also worked alongside Tequila Casa Dragones, preparing Pairing Table Dinners with Dragones Joven.

This year’s Basque Culinary Center Awards not only celebrated emerging talents in the culinary world, but also highlighted the role of the environment in creating and fostering unique gastronomic traditions. The event began with a traditional Mexican breakfast held at Yolcan, one of the emblematic Xochimilco chinampas. Yolcan, a newly restored chinampa, is part of an environmental initiative spearheaded by Chefs Elena Reygadas and Enrique Olvera to provide organic produce using ancient and sustainable agricultural techniques.

After breakfast, guests gathered for a Biodiversity Seminar that featured speakers from around the world, including Matthew Goldfarb from Fruition Seed, Gaston Acurio from Astrid y Gaston, and Cristina Franchini from Acnur. The seminar consisted of a symposium on biodiversity, the environment, and society. The goal of this symposium was to inform guests on how to support initiatives and research that aid the rescue of agricultural practices that mirror Yolcan’s work in the ancient Xochimilco canals.

The symposium concluded with a toast where guests enjoyed a glass of Casa Dragones Joven. Casa Dragones was pleased to collaborate with the Basque Culinary Center and their missions to propel culinary talent and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

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