Celebrating 3 years of Traditional Mexican Cuisine with Restaurant Bixa

Tequila Casa Dragones was pleased to join friends at Restaurant Bixa, located in Guanajuato in central Mexico, for their 3rd year anniversary. The evening presented the combined culinary skills of Head Chef Berenice Sainz and Australian Chef Paul Bentley who made a guest appearance, especially for the celebration.

Guests were seated in the private outdoor dining area while Chefs Sainz and Bentley served a deluxe five-course menu, including a dish of cottage cheese tamal wrapped in hoja santa, and escamoles with chapulín sauce, paired especially to highlight the tasting notes of Casa Dragones Joven.

The slightly nutty and buttery flavor of the “Mexican caviar”, or, escamoles, complimented the roasted agave notes while the sweetness of the tamale balanced the subtle vanilla notes found in Casa Dragones Joven.

During the dinner, guests raised a glass of Casa Dragones Joven to celebrate three successful years of Bixa.

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