Jamming Sessions: San Miguel de Allende II

Tequila Casa Dragones Co-Founder and CEO Bertha Gonzalez Nieves was joined by world-famous bartender Jim Meehan and Andrew Maurer of Southern Glazers for a Jamming Session outdoors under the Mexican sunshine. Casa Dragones Jamming Sessions invite industry experts to jam together, spontaneously creating one-of-a-kind, signature cocktails using fresh local ingredients.

During the San Miguel de Allende Jamming Session, 21 mixologists at the forefront of Mexico’s burgeoning craft cocktail movement, competed against one another for the best Casa Dragones Blanco signature cocktail.

Amongst the participants included Eduardo Estrada of Áperi, Simon Alberti of Limantour and Mike Espinoza of Quince. To create their cocktails, they used Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco alongside top-quality local produce and specialty ingredients such as poblano chili liqueur and epazote herb. The results were a collection of signature craft cocktails based on the crisp tasting 100% Pure Blue Agave Silver tequila.

The three judges met with each participating bartender to taste their individual drinks and their inspiration behind building them. These brand new signature cocktails will each be available to taste at the participating bartenders establishments.

Jim Meehan is author of Meehan’s Bartender Manual and has written for Food & Wine and Bon Appétit Magazine. He’s the creator of PDT (Please Don’t Tell) a James Beard Award-winning speakeasy lounge in Manhattan and one of the most celebrated bartenders in the world.

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