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The innovative and exciting Jamming Sessions at Barra Mexico

Tequila Casa Dragones held its second annual Jamming Sessions at Barra Mexico, Mexico City with some of Mexico’s most acclaimed chefs and bartenders.  Over the course of two days, a total of ten Jamming Sessions were held, each including two bartenders and one chef, who spontaneously created a signature cocktail based on the tasting notes of a particular food dish presented by the chef.

The idea of Jamming Sessions is based on the musical concept where musicians come together to “jam” and create music together spontaneously. In the case of Casa Dragones Jamming Sessions, chefs and bartenders, both experts in taste, come together to spontaneously create cocktails with various ingredients.

The Jamming Sessions at Barra Mexico were a huge success, drawing large crowds and VIPs who lined up to taste the original, new cocktails created for the first time ever.

The ten Jamming Session groups were as follows:

Chef Josefina Lopez Mendez from Chapulin Restaurant and bartenders Javier Baumeistier from Epicentro and Adan Hernández from Xaman Bar.

Chef Olivier Deboise from Hotel St. Regis Mexico City and bartenders Omar Hamud and Pepe Ventura from King Cole Bar, Hotel St. Regis Mexico City.

Chef Paul Bentley from Magno Brasserie and bartenders David Ampudia from Lolo, Raúl Torrecillas from Ramping Horse and Devon Espinosa from Gusto.

Chef Lula Martin del Campo from Cascabel Restaurant and bartenders Edgar Rueda from Mr. Chow, Carlos Campos Rojas from Scotch and Ramon Tovar from Casa Awolly.

Chef Yvan Mucharraz from Chileno Bay and bartenders Osvaldo Vazquez from Chileno Bay, Alejandro Santacruz Santiago from The Back Room and Devon Espinosa from Gusto.

Chef Carlos Hannon from Rosewood San Miguel de Allende and bartenders Adrian Evans from Grupo Levainco and Jonathan Frausto from Moxi.

Chef Lucho Martinez from Mia Domenicca and bartenders David Hernandez from The Resort Pedregal, Fernando Acevedo from Jules and Ivan Gonzalez from Balmori.

Chef Vicente Torres from Garum and bartenders Alejandro Blanco from Anatol, Oscar Torres from La No. 20 and  Devon Espinosa from Gusto.

Chef Joaquin Cardoso from Hotel Carlota and bartenders Martin Arvallo from Le Coq, Gerardo “Fiera” Hernández from Hanky Panky and Pablo Pasti from Limantour.

Chef Rodolfo Castellanos from Poleo and bartenders Daniel Reyes from Baltra, Eduardo Nava from Limantour and Devon Espinosa from Gusto.

The innovative and exciting Jamming Sessions is a testament to our commitment to being part of the exciting mixology movement in Mexico City, and our dedication to bridging the conversation of mixology between the U.S. and Mexico.

Barra Mexico is the largest mixology trade show in Latin America.



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