Mexico City Meets New Orleans at Tales of the Cocktail

Mexico City met New Orleans at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail, where Casa Dragones hosted the bartending team from Mexico City’s Limantour, #20 Best Bar in the World and Best Bar in Latin America & the Caribbean, to create unique signature craft cocktails with Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco.

The exciting event was held at Cellar Door in New Orleans’s Lafayette Square Historic District where bartenders merged bartending traditions from Mexico City and New Orleans.

Limantour’s team featured Pablo Pasti, Jose Luis Leon, and Benjamin Patron, bartenders from Limantour’s Mexico City location. For the event, three signature cocktails were crafted to showcase a combination of unique Mexico City and Louisiana flavors, while drawing inspiration from Dragones Blanco’s tasting notes. Campos de Dragones, inspired by our agave fields, played on the tequila’s fruity and vegetal taste, Margarita al Pastor, prepared with taco seasoning, offered a savory take on the classic margarita, while Tio Pepita referenced Casa Dragones Joven’s pepita-engraved decanters.

Guests enjoyed one-of-a-kind cocktails to the beat of Salon Acapulco, an electronic-cumbia DJ from Guadalajara, Mexico. Both the music and the drinks contributed to a one-of-a-kind experience that boasted new trends in mixology and showcased a combination of the best of both Mexico City and New Orleans.

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