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Pairing Table Dinner with Chef Olivier Deboise

On July 14, Casa Dragones hosted an intimate pairing table dinner at Dos Casas boutique hotel in San Miguel de Allende, prepared by chef Olivier Deboise-Mendez—a French Mexican chef at the height of Mexico’s exploding culinary scene. Deboise, who was most recently the chef de cuisine of Jean George’s J&G Grill in Mexico City, joined the Dos Casas team as head chef of Áperi this summer; to celebrate his new post in San Miguel, Casa Dragones hosted a five-course meal paired with Casa Dragones Joven.

The evening began with a toast from Casa Dragones cofounder and CEO Bertha González Nieves, followed by a few words from sommelier and tequila expert Sandra Fernandez. Chef Deboise also welcomed guests, and introduced himself with a short background on the meal he would be preparing for the evening. Deboise explained how important it is that he and his team source all of their ingredients from in and around San Miguel—which they collect from the local markets themselves—because “the culinary movement in San Miguel is about trust and proximity,” he said, “it has become [a huge part of the city’s] DNA.”

For dinner, guests including Pedro Reyes, Norma Listman and Saquib Keval of Masala y Maiz, architect Marco Valle, and Fernanda Ulibarri and Eugene Toale of The Mexican Standoff, enjoyed a watermelon and cucumber salad with a goat-milk yogurt, soft shell crab with avocado mousse and habanero, trout from Zitácuaro with huitlacoche, short rib with parsnip purée and carrot confit, and a dark chocolate tabasco sponge cake with cherry ganache.


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