How to Throw a Totally Outrageous Dinner Party with a Casa Dragones Cocktail

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Textile designer George Venson and event planner Sam Masters divulge the entertaining secrets behind their Chinese take-out soirée.

Step One: Find inspiration. “The pop-up is so close to Chinatown that we just got inspired,” Masters says. “You can’t get soup dumplings anywhere but at a restaurant—they go bad in ten minutes, so you can’t have them delivered or anything. We thought, We’re having this party two blocks from Chinatown; let’s have a restaurant bring the food up the street. That was where I started in my mind, and then we came up with a custom cocktail from Casa Dragones that fit the theme. It has all these different flower extracts in the simple syrup for that whole Far East feel.”

Featured in Architectural Digest, May 20, 2016

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