Casa Dragones featured in Food and Wine’s The Mexico Issue

Casa Dragones in Gail Simmons’ feature on San Miguel

Postcard from San Miguel de Allende
My first big trip to Mexico was to San Miguel de Allende, in 2014, while shooting Top Chef's season 12 finale. I arrived in the colonial city with an excess of advice from travel-save friends and an eagerness to explore.
As luck would have it, my friend Bertha González Nieves, cofounder of Casa Dragones tequila, was in town, too. Bertha steered me confidently through the winding cobblestone streets, introducing me to artists, vendors, and restaurant owners. She pointed me toward Fábrica La Aurora (, a textile factory-turned-design center bursting with crafts, fine art, and antiques, and Namuh (, a mind-blowing decor space where Tom Colicchio and I spent the better part of an afternoon ogling home accessories. At Casamidy (, I picked up the ultimate souvenir: a table that's now a prized possession in my Brooklyn home.
The city kept me full and happy. At Cumpanio (, a bakery and restaurant responsible for some of the city's best bread, I breakfasted on a satisfying bowl of fresh eggs simmered in piquant salsa verde. (I have since tried to replicate the simple dish at home but have yet to nail it.) There was a refined vegetable feast at Moxi ( with chef Enrique Olvera; cocktails at La Posadita (52-415-154-8862), a rooftop restaurant with sweeping views of the city; and an excellent tequila selection and a rowdy party on the roof of La Azotea (52-415-152-8265), a tapas bar, at sunset.
One morning, Bertha invited me horseback riding on a friend's ranch outside town. we rode through the countryside all afternoon, with the family's children leading the way. Later, hungry and elated, we raced back to the city to gulp down cold micheladas and tacos at a nondescript br. It was that day, not at all planned, that made me feel the most immersed in my surroundings-not quite a local, perhaps, but for the moment part of he vibrant energy of Mexico. I can't wait to get back.
Featured in Food and Wine, August 2018 The Mexico Issue