Casa Dragones Blanco named a ‘Best Tequila for Margaritas’ on Thrillist

Casa Dragones Blanco makes the 'Best Tequila for Margaritas', list by Thrillist

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Tequila can be a fickle mistress. And sometimes, it can inspire you to do something a little
too fun... like calling your ex and telling them what they are missing... or going bungee jumping naked... or going bungee jumping naked while FaceTiming your ex and showing them what they are missing (in zero Gs, no less). We all have our stories. But still: We can't help but love tequila. It is liquid fun, after all.

So naturally, we can't help but love margaritas, too -- they are tequila's natural vehicle, and they also happen to be America's favorite cocktail. But just as some experiences gel better with tequila than others, some tequila just meshes with margarita mix a little more smoothly. Presented here are nine tequilas that -- for their own distinct reasons -- are perfect mates for margarita mix.

Casa Dragones Blanco

There's a lot going on inside this bottle. You have little hints of clove and mint, combined with a citrus taste that might kind of remind you of Granny Smith apples, for better or worse. And even though Casa Dragones touts itself as an excellent sipping tequila, pairing this complex blend with margarita mix really doesn't take anything away from the spirit. But, in our opinion, you probably want to make sure the margarita mix you use isn't too sweet, or citrusy -- in general, but also specifically in this case.

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Featured in Thrillist, 5/4/2018 issue


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