Oprah, the People’s 2020 Candidate, Also Widely Rumored to Be America’s Greatest Mixologist

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Just when you think you know everything about Oprah Winfrey, she always manages to hit you with a surprise. According to an interview with actress Storm Reid in Vulture, there is one A Wrinkle in Time cast member who knows how to make a good cocktail. "She is just like party, party," said Reid about her mentor and co-star Oprah Winfrey. Yes, it turns out that Oprah could serve up some incredible cocktails and then drink us all under the table.

Her poison of choice? That would be tequila, and not just any tequila—Oprah has been known to stand by Casa Dragones' tequila blanco, placing the spirit at number 24 on her anticipated list of favorite things last year. She also once took over as bartender at the Wrinkle wrap party, where both Ava DuVernay and Reese Witherspoon insisted that Oprah has unbeatable margarita game.

Featured in W magazine, January 31, 2018