Margarita Xoconostle 12

Margarita Xoconostle

A Mexican twist on a classic drink, the Margarita Xoconostle was created by Chef Elena Reygadas of Rosetta Restaurant in Mexico City especially for the kurimanzutto and OMR Gallery party at Casa Drolma during Zona Maco Art Fair 2018. Combining the Mexican flavor of xoconostle fruit with orange juice creates a subtly sour drink, reminiscent of the classic lime-based margarita.

Cocktail Recipe

1.5 oz Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco
1.5 oz xoconostle juice
1 oz orange juice

Combine ice, Casa Dragones Blanco, xoconostle juice and orange juice. Shake and pour into a chilled coupe with 1 cube of ice. Garnish with flower.

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