Oysters with cornichon jelly and herb cream

Oysters in Cornichon Jelly with Tendon and Herb Cream

This duet of fresh oysters and Tequila Casa Dragones Joven comes to us from the combined creativity of Michelin Star chefs, David Kinch of Manresa and Carlo Mirarchi of Blanca. The lingering sea salt within each oyster shines through a light coating of cornichon jelly and herb cream just enough to gently compliment the tequila’s crisp notes of pear. Chef David Kinch of Manresa Restaurant is an American chef who has been awarded three Michelin Stars in 2016.  He forged a distinctive culinary path putting him at the forefront of new contemporary California cuisine.  Influenced by French and modern Catalan cooking, Kinch finds inspiration from European traditions and refinement, American ingenuity, and the vast bounty California offers. Chef Carlo Mirarchi is largely self taught and set up Blanca Restaurant in 2012 after introducing tasting evenings at his other restaurant, Roberta’s – a pizza joint next door.


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Casa Dragones Joven continues to solidify its position as the beloved tequila of the culinary industry as top restaurants and chefs create exclusive pairings inspired by our tasting notes.