Tequila Served In Glasses

Casa Dragones Joven Serving Suggestions

Casa Dragones Joven is made especially for sipping. Which means there’s no need for lime or chasers. Casa Dragones is best served neat using a Reidel Overture Tequila glass, designed especially for professional tequila tasting. The ideal temperature to serve Casa Dragones is 64-68º F (17-20º C). Casa Dragones Joven can also be served with selected pairings.

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Premium Tequila Blanco In A Glass

Casa Dragones Blanco Serving Suggestions

Casa Dragones Blanco is best served in an old fashioned glass on the rocks with a twist of lime, grapefruit or lemon. Casa Dragones Blanco can also be used to elevate the experience of signature craft cocktails.

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