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Hand-Labeled, Hand-Signed

Each bottle of Casa Dragones Joven and Blanco is labeled, signed and numbered by hand, hallmarking the characteristics of a particular batch. The meticulous attention to detail that it takes to create each bottle of Casa Dragones can only be achieved by hand, not by machine. In the case of Casa Dragones Joven, we hand-tie each black ribbon around the neck of the bottle to signify the ties that the Dragones cavalry used to wear. Our entire approach takes time and expertise, making it possible to produce only a limited amount of Casa Dragones Joven and Blanco every year.

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Handcrafted Crystal Decanter

Each bottle of Casa Dragones Joven is truly unique. We individually craft every bottle by hand in Mexico City, using pure, lead-free crystal. Skilled artisans place the red-hot crystal in molds, one by one, until the shape takes hold. The crystal is then sculpted, bathed and polished by hand until it develops a lustrous shine.

The simple shape of our bottle creates a beautiful and elegant decanter, which can be saved and re-used time and time again.

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Award-Winning Design

Each award-winning bottle of Casa Dragones Joven is hand-made in Mexico City and takes over two hours to produce. Casa Dragones bottle design won first place in France’s highly coveted Grand Prix Strategies du Luxe awards, marking the first time for a Tequila, or a Mexican brand, to ever win this award.