Story of Los Dragones

The history of Los Dragones of San Miguel de Allende is especially inspiring, and features prominently in the foundation of modern Mexico. At the epicenter of Mexico’s lucrative silver trade in the late 1700s, San Miguel was an extremely prosperous town.

The Queen’s most elite cavalry, the Dragones, were strategically stationed in San Miguel to protect the Queen’s interests.

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An Elite Cavalry

By the late 1700’s, the Dragones of San Miguel, an elite cavalry of the Queen’s army that had already been in Mexico for four generations, garnered much influence and power in business and trade throughout the region.

Led by General Ignacio Allende, the Dragones eventually began questioning the heavy taxes imposed on the Mexican people.

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Sparking Mexico’s Independence

During the late 1700’s, the Dragones, led by General Ignacio Allende, joined forces with influential leaders in the church, including Father Hidalgo, the parish priest in nearby Dolores, to seek independence from Spain.

It was the passion and fortitude of these Dragones that forever changed the face of Mexico.

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The Importance of 16

General Ignacio Allende, head of the Queen’s army and leader of the Dragones, worked closely with Father Hidalgo to spark Mexico’s Independence movement. On September 16th, 1810, Father Hidalgo delivered his cry of independence speech, known as “El Grito.”

Casa Dragones bottles commemorate this important date in Mexican history with a ‘16’ on its label and a ‘16’ inscribed on the bottom of every Casa Dragones Blanco bottle. 16 is also the address at La Casa Dragones.