W Magazine’s Opening Night Celebration hosted by Larry Gagosian & Jeffrey Deitch

The Celebration

Tequila Casa Dragones joined W Magazine’s opening night celebration of Art Basel Miami Beach as well as the opening of Desire, an exhibition featuring works by 50 artists that was curated by Diana Widmaier-Picasso. To honor the opening night, W Magazine hosted an elegant evening of cocktails followed by a beautiful candlelit dinner for over 150 guests where Tequila Casa Dragones Joven was served.

Special Guests

The evening’s guests included Dustin Yellin, Francesca Bellettini, CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, Stefano Tonchi, editor of W Magazine, gallery director David Maupin and many more.

About Desire

Desire explores modern and contemporary approaches to eroticism in art, and features work by 50 of the most iconic contemporary artists from around the world. The exhibit was curated by Diana Widmaier-Picasso, the granddaughter of Pablo Picasso, and is designed as a sequel to Gagosian and Deitch’s collaborative exhibit called “Unrealism” which was displayed during last year’s Art Basel in Miami Beach. Desire features pieces by some of the world’s most renowned artists including Roy Lichtenstein, Edward Ruscha, and Diego Rivera, as well as the iconic Pablo Picasso, and one of the pop art movement’s leading figures, Andy Warhol.

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