Word of Mouth: San Miguel De Allende

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Artistically and culinarily dynamic and ever-evolving, San Miguel de Allende (around 170 miles from Mexico City) is one of Mexico‘s most exciting and photogenic cities. Between the wonderfully wonky cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, baroque to neo-gothic architecture and bougainvillea-covered walls of the city, there’s innovation bubbling. The city is UNESCO-protected, but it’s much more than a historically significant place. Inventive architecture, concept shops, thoughtful stores, incredible food, luxurious accommodation and beautiful public spaces make this city feel as ancient as it does electric. And, whether hosting the MAG Festival or celebrating religious holidays, San Miguel de Allende offers a sense of community and connection that’s welcoming for visitors. Here, we highlight some of our favorite places in this wildly alluring city.


Casa Dragones, a Cool Hunting favorite for some time, is a small-batch tequila brand who's its in San Miguel de Allende—right off Plaza Principal. Once the stables of the city’s legendary Dragones cavalry, the “spiritual” home of the tequila (the liquid itself is made in Jalisco) is now a glorious private house. While it’s tricky to find, once inside the historic headquarters, visitors will learn all about the luxury tequila’s process while tasting the various iterations. Be sure to book your tour ahead of your visit.

Featured in Cool Huntingby Katie Olsen, October 9, 2018

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