These Are the Must-Haves That Are Always in Scott Conant ’s Liquor Cabinet

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Scott Conant spoke with us about his participation in Negroni Week and his “must-have” liquors, besides Campari of course.

The Negroni is a classic drink, sure, but what else does a celebrity chef sip on?

It’s officially Negroni Week, a weeklong international celebration of the classic cocktail that connects restaurants and customers with the simple, three-ingredient tipple and a donation to dozens of charities around the world. We spoke with celebrity chef Scott Conant, who will promoting the sales of the Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth drink at his new restaurant Impero Café, his first New York restaurant since he parted ways with Scarpetta.

“It’s an iconic drink; there’s so many things to like about it,” Conant said. His charity for Negroni Week is Keep Memory Alive, in support of memory-based illnesses like Alzheimer’s. “For me, having done restaurants for so long there’s lots of stories that go along with this cocktail. You can have fun with it, and personalize it.”

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If you’re wondering, Conant likes his Negroni with one giant ice cube topped with a healthy amount of orange zest. But besides the ingredients to a Negroni, what else does Conant keep in his liquor cabinet?

“I’m a big fan of Carpano Antica vermouth, and I’m a big Macallan [single malt Scotch whisky] drinker,” he said. “And of course anyone who knows me knows I love Casa Dragones tequila.”

He probably washes down each of those spirits with a hefty pasta, like one of those served at the new Imperro Café. Conant’s favorite pasta is cavatelli with duck truffles and peas.

Featured in The Daily Meal. June 10, 2016

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