Scott Conant’s Guilty Pleasure is Tequila Casa Dragones

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"Scott Conant opens restaurants. It’s just what he does. Truthfully, Conant’s resume is so ridiculously long and impressive, it’s nearly impossible to list all of his jobs and achievements – that’s how many he’s had and rocked! But we will try…

Conant didn’t start out in food by restaurant-launching, he got there after working hard as a chef in restaurants and bringing culinary glory to each. Since those successes, he went on to open many restaurants starting with L’Impero which earned the title of “Best New Restaurant” from the James Beard Foundation. He opened the very well-known Scarpetta in 2008, which has won him countless devoted diners and a highly-respected spot among the industry’s heavy-hitters. He’s also written several cookbooks and is a judge on Food Network’s cornerstone show Chopped. Is that all? His latest restaurant opening was this past December – CORSAIR in Aventura.

But to me Conant is so much more than his culinary resume — a friend and a die-hard Lionel Richie fan who loves baby-smell and fantasizes about being a hippie, he is also supremely cool, funny and full of surprises.

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14-My guilty pleasure is Casa Dragones sipping tequila. By the bottle."

Featured in Eden Eats, February 19, 2015

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