What to Drink With Your Tacos

When you buy a bottle of Casa Dragones tequila, you encounter the phrase "sipping tequila" repeatedly. On the box. On the hand-numbered bottle. On the precious little booklet inside that tells you about the small-batch distillery and the "estate-grown blue agave."

They're trying to let you know that this is not designed for shooting or making margaritas with. So, you sip it. And it's really good. It's strong, and sometimes it makes your jaw swerve uncontrollably to one side of your face, but it's good. Maybe even delicious. It's sweet and lime-y and tastes of that agave. You don't have to know a lot about tequila to appreciate it. You just have to not be afraid to sip tequila.

Also, when you buy a bottle of Casa Dragones tequila, you will have spent a lot of money, but maybe it will last you till the next Cinco de Mayo. Or, if you like it a lot, maybe only till Cinco de Junio.

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