Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Mexico City

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Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Mexico City, the premier cocktail festival in the world reunited well known mixologists and new Mexican talents that amazed everyone with their cocktails made with the recently launched Casa Dragones Blanco.

The tasting notes found in this 100% Blue Agave Blanco were enhanced in delicious and refreshing cocktails like Tequila de Tamarindo, Chai House and Tales 109, created by the talented and unique Jim Meehan, guest mixologist, and the local crew: Ramón Tovar, David Mora and Ana Soriano.

“I enjoy very much mixing with Casa Dragones Blanco.It is a modern, sophisticated tequila, so I tried to showcase its elegance and refinement, and the fruit, herbs and spices tasting notes in a special cocktail that is a tribute to Casa Dragones history and the people behind the brand." —Jim Meehan.

Tequila de Tamarindo / Jim Meehan

Made with Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco, tamarind vinegar, bitters and lime juice, a cocktail that proves this Blanco tequila versatility as it mixes seamlessly with the remaining ingredients.

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