The Host’s Comprehensive Guide to Spirits

Casa Dragones is the perfect pairing spirit for these holidays.

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No matter how much preparation goes into a dinner party, invariably something will go wrong. It could be anything from an oversalted fish or an overlooked vegan to that uncle who always goes one note past appropriate. When calamity rears its head, the surest safeguard against guests rising up in revolt is liquor—the good stuff, and plenty of it. The following collection of spirits will help keep your guests buzzing from the moment they arrive until the final Uber is called.


Tequila Casa Dragones Joven

This beautiful tequila is soft and smooth, meant to be enjoyed and savored as if it were wine: Serve it neat in a Champagne flute. With hints of vanilla and spiced undertones, Casa Dragones Joven is a favorite of the titans of the culinary industry. Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin pairs it with chocolate; Scarpetta’s Scott Conant prefers it with Piave Vecchio; and Martha Ortiz of Dulce Patria in Mexico City has served a special cocoa mole alongside Joven. Even José Andrés has gotten in on the action with his American Caviar Cones and Joven at the Bazaar in Los Angeles. OK, Top Chef wannabe, it’s your move. ($285/375 mL)

—Featured in Robb Report, by Dan Dunn, November 5th, 2018

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