The Restaurant Making Waves in Mexico’s Charming Colonial City

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From Mexico City’s Enrique Olvera at Hotel Matilda to American-born Donnie Masterton—chef-owner of The Restaurant, San Miguel de Allende is now becoming the culinary heart of Mexico. Most recently, chef Paul Bentley has opened Bovine, the first meat-centric brasserie in San Miguel by reinterpreting the traditional meat-with-vegetable concept of a steakhouse.

Bertha González Nieves, CEO/co-founder of Casa Dragones Tequila has worked with many top chefs across Mexico–including exclusive dinners with Bentley and Olvera in the private dining room at Bovine­. She noted “It’s very exciting to now see San Miguel de Allende emerging as one the hubs of Mexico’s culinary scene. The fact that he [Bentley] has opened a restaurant here is a testament

to that. You can now find so many excellent restaurants and innovative chefs creating exceptional cuisine.”

Bentley took on Mexico City for his next culinary rise because “What I’ve found in areas like San Miguel and Guadalajara is you can be part of a change and for me, it’s more fulfilling rather than going somewhere and competing. There are more diverse foods and people are willing to risk and do something different—not to just do contemporary Mexican. I see the guys who work with me and they are so stoked.” he explained.

Featured in Robb Report, December 31, 2017

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