Six Tequilas to Fire Up Your Cinco de Mayo

Casa Dragones Joven Featured in the Six Tequilas to Fire Up Your Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday this year, making the day ideal for sampling any of our favorite tequilas. But though this widely celebrated holiday originated in Mexico, Americans have embraced the day as a way to celebrate the culture, beauty, and spirit from its south-of-the-border neighbor.

The renowned agave distillate that calls Jalisco home is made as blancos, resposados, añejos—with with the amount of time spent aging distinguishing each version. While extra añejos are as beautifully complex as a good scotch, they still elevate your margarita. But some blancos—like the Casa Dragones Joven included here—are so perfect, they can stand on their own, making a fun (but still elegant) stand-in for Champagne.

Cinco de Mayo falls not just on a weekend, but also on Derby Day this year, empowering us to feel a little less guilty about over-indulging in this celebrated spirit. Read on for our top six tequila bottles.

Featured in Robb Report, 5/5/2018 issue


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