Six Tequilas You Should Be Drinking this Cinco de Mayo

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Casa Dragones Joven Featured on the Six Tequilas You Should Be Drinking this Cinco de Mayo

Joven is the category-come-lately to tequila—a blend of blanco and extra añejo tequilas that’s filtered to remove the color and smooth out the flavor. At its worst, joven tequila can taste like a bland, neutered añejo. But at its best, as in the case of the superb Casa Dragones Joven ($275), it takes tequila to an entirely new place. Its clear appearance may resemble a blanco, but its subtle, delicate flavor is anything but. It’s rich and silky, laced with vanilla and floral notes, along with a hint of chocolate and caramel. Its finish is velvety and utterly burn-free. Smoother than a typical blanco and less woody and peppery than a typical extra añejo, this joven is perfect for sipping neat, slightly chilled; try putting it in your wine refrigerator for a few hours before tasting it.

Featured in Robb Report, September 7, 2017

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