Casa Dragones_Tempura “Esquites”

Tempura “Esquites”

One of San Miguel de Allende’s best-kept secrets, Aperi Restaurant at Hotel Dos Casas offers a unique culinary experience. Chef Matteo Salas’ cuisine reflects is influenced by his European culinary education and his Mexican heritage, combining the techniques of European cuisine with ingredients found in Mexico. Inspired by the smoky añejo notes found in Casa Dragones Joven, Chef Matteo Salas creates a unique pairing of tempura “esquites” or toasted corn with oysters from Baja California, topped with “xoconostle” mayonnaise made with the fruit of the Nopal cactus. Chef Salas also designed special dishware to serve this remarkable appetizer.

Aperi Restaurant

Quebrada 101, Col. Centro

San Miguel de Allende

Tel +52 (415) 152- 0941

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