Scallop ceviche - food pairing with tequila

Scallop Ceviche

Headed by Chef Patricia Quintana, Mexico City’s Izote has become a leader in the Mexican Culinary scene. Committed to maintaining ancient Mexican techniques, Chef Quintana serves up a sophisticated, fresh array of indigenous dishes.

The famed Mexican chef created an exclusive pairing menu for guests, inspired by the complex taste of Casa Dragones Tequila. The evening’s menu consisted of a variety of classic Mexican dishes, including Pacific-style scallop ceviche, of which Chef Quintana says, “Casa Dragones is a tequila that seduces the palate. The potential of the different flavors of the pairing takes you to heaven!”


Presidente Masaryk 513

Colonia Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo

México D.F., México

5280 1265

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Casa Dragones Joven continues to solidify its position as the beloved tequila of the culinary industry as top restaurants and chefs create exclusive pairings with Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila.