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La Casa Dragones

La Casa Dragones, the original stables of the legendary Dragones cavalry of San Miguel de Allende who sparked Mexico’s Independence movement of 1810, dates all the way back to 1671. Now renovated into a beautiful 4 bedroom private house, La Casa Dragones is home to our sipping tequilas, and a testament to our spirit of independence.

Walk through the iron gates past the trellised stone corridor to a unique and intimate tasting experience in our beautiful open courtyard and visit the original rooms that once served as stables to General Ignacio Allende.

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Tasting Room

A six-seat destination serving the World’s #1 Sipping tequila located in the historic Dôce 18 Concept House. Known as the “Smallest Tequila Bar in the World,” the Casa Dragones Tasting Room showcases our ongoing commitment to Mexican craftsmanship in a beautifully designed space adorned with 4,000 handcrafted obsidian tiles from our agave fields.

Guests will enjoy a transportive and sensory experience of our terroir during an intimate professional tasting in what Esquire calls “a must-visit spot in Mexico”.

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