Discover the Smooth Flavor of Joven

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"Tequila, Pure and Simple. Discover the smooth flavor of joven with these choice new-to-the-U.S. sips.

Any regular tequila drinker worth his or her saltshaker can rattle off the three most common types of tequila: añejo, blanco (also known as silver), and reposado. But now, a fourth category, named joven - meaning "young" - is easing out of the shadows in an industry flooded by more than 1,000 registered tequila brands to find its place in the limelight at U.S. bars.

This premium 100 percent blue agave spirit presents tequila unadulterated by additives such as caramel colorants or sugars and focuses on the agave itself. Made using a base of silver mixed with an aged reposado or añejo, joven showcases the subtle sweetness of the plant plus the creamy vanillas and piquant spices that develop once a spirit has aged in oak barrels. These three made-for-sipping spirits are some of the newest and most buzz-worthy to hit the U.S. market.

Casa Dragones was one of the first liquor brands to bring joven to the U.S. in 2009, setting the bar high for other producers. Made in small, limited-edition batches, this 2015 release blends silver with a hint of extra-añejo tequila that rested five years in oak barrels before bottling. The result is a smooth, crystal-clear liquid tinged with citrus aromas and pronounced vanilla, spice, and pear flavors. To make the bottle extra special, Mexican artisans hand-engrave each one and sign and number them by hand, ensuring that no two bottles are the same. $275/750 mL."