Chris Pratt Shares Tequila Casa Dragones with Vanity Fair

Featured in Vanity Fair, January 3, 2017

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Actor Chris Pratt of Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy served Tequila Casa Dragones while hosting Vanity Fair's Rich Cohen for lunch and opened up about his family, his earliest roles, and his eventual rise to fame.

"Pratt turned the TV to the World Series—he did this for me. I live and die with the Chicago Cubs. Just before we sat to eat, he got on his knees and had the rest of us get on our knees, and we held hands, and he thanked God for the food and the life, and he even put in a word for the Cubs. At the end of the meal, he poured shots of tequila. Casa Dragones. He’d been given a case after Jurassic World. I noticed a guitar on the wall. When I asked about it, Pratt said, “Let me show you the good guitars.”

He went upstairs and came back with two acoustics—a Taylor and a beautiful Gibson, which he’d played while guest-hosting Saturday Night Live, in 2014. He picked it up and began to sing “Lady,” a Kenny Rogers hit just as cheesy as AM radio. Then we played together—“Up on Cripple Creek” and the Hank Williams Jr. tune “A Country Boy Can Survive.” He strummed a few chords, then talked about a guest appearance he’d recently made on his wife’s CBS sitcom, Mom. He’d learned the Kenny Rogers tune so he could sing it on that show. “I played it, then we kissed,” he told me. “Normally, when you do a kissing scene, it’s awkward, and when it’s done you say, ‘Are you O.K.?’ But this was different. After they yelled ‘Cut,’ we laughed and just kept on kissing.”