El 16 by José Luis León

José Luis León of Limantour and Baltra created a specialty craft cocktail designed to reflect the immersive, sensory experience that Casa Dragones Tasting Room offers its visitors. León explained that “this cocktail – just as Casa Dragones Tasting Room – is crafted to be enjoyed with all 5 senses,” and does so through a unique combination of ingredients including egg white, grapes, green lemon juice and white vermouth infused with chamomile that combine to heighten the overall experience of this elegant, refreshing cocktail.


2 oz. Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco
0.50 oz. white vermouth infused with chamomile
0.65 oz. Sacrum Oil
0.85 oz. green lemon juice
2 green grapes

Casa Dragones Tasting Room

Relox 18, Colonia Centro
San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

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