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Bandera Shot at Rosie’s

Mixologists Jason Watson and Daniel Vazquez, of Rosie’s in New York City, pair the citrus and herbaceous notes of Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco with two sangritas in their Bandera Shot cocktail for a unique cocktail experience.


Shot: 1.5 oz. Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco
Verdita: Pineapple juice, Cilantro, Mint, Serrano chiles
1 can Tomato sauce
4 oz. Lime juice,
3 oz. Orange juice
1.5 oz. Salt
2 oz. Tapatio sauce
2.5 oz. Valentina sauce
1 Spoon puréed chipotle
1 oz. Worcestershire sauce


29 E 2nd St
New York, NY 10003

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