US-Mexico Week:Día de Muertos at Rockefeller Center

Posted by BigCommerce on 28th Oct 2022

October 27-November 2, 2022

For the second consecutive year Mexico Week: Día De Muertos takes place at Rockefeller Center from October 27 through November 2, 2022, in celebration of Mexico’s heritage and culture. This year, we are pleased to present an ofrenda honoring iconic Mexican modern sculptors.


Center Plaza at Rockefeller Centers features a vibrant, large scale ofrenda, presented by Tequila Casa Dragones with the support of INTERprotección. The ofrenda honors Mexican modern sculptors as presented in the book MONUMENTAL: The Public Dimension of Sculpture 1927-1979 by Pedro Reyes, which celebrates the iconic sculptural art of Mexico.


Mexico has a relevant sculptural tradition recognized around the world for its constant exploration of social and cultural relationships. MONUMENTAL critically reviews Mexican production in the artistic discipline between 1927 and 1979, featuring almost 400 pierces, including sculptures, photographs, plans, documents, and models. This year’s altar at Rockefeller Plaza honors the work of creators such as Francisco Zúñiga, Mardonio Magaña, Rómulo Rozo, Geles Cabrera, Fidencio Castillo, Germán Cueto, Luis Ortiz Monasterio, Federico Silva, Hersúa, Manuel Felgúerez, Ángela Gurría, Estanislao Contreras, Pedro Cervantes, Jesús Mayagoitia, Luis Barragán, Juan O'Gorman, Leopoldo Flores, Armando Salas Portugal, Diego Matthai, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Mathias Goeritz, Feliciano Béjar, Ernesto Mallard, and Lorraine Pinto.

The opening ceremony featured New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams, Consul General of Mexico Jorge Islas, Co-founder and CEO Bertha González Nieves, and representatives of the Museo de Arte Moderno, and Rockefeller Center.

Other highlights of Mexico Week: Día de Muertos included a conversation with artist Pedro Reyes for the release of this book MONUMENTAL, as well as Mexican designer Carla Fernández’s Fashion Show at the lobby of Rockefeller Center near the Atlas landmark, where she presented Ropa de Trabajo, a collection that represents her dedication to preserving and revitalizing the textile legacy of indigenous and mestizo communities in Mexico.


As part of the opening night of the ofrenda Mexico Week: Día de Muertos, friends of the Diana Kennedy Foundation joined Chef Gabriela Cámara, of Mexico City’s Contramar in a celebration of Mexican culture and spirit honoring the late Diana Kennedy. She was a pioneer in bringing the techniques and flavors of Mexican cuisine to the English-speaking countries. Her legacy was honored with Casa Dragones Tequila and Mexican fare at the tianguis, hosted in partnership with Consul General of Mexico Jorge Islas, artist Pedro Reyes, designer Carla Fernández, Co-founder and CEO Bertha González Nieves, and Managing Director & Head of Rockefeller Center, EB Kelly.


Mexico Week: Día de Muertos is open to public from October 27-November 2 from 11am to 6pm at Rockefeller Center, in New York City.