Esquire: A Must-Visit Spot in Mexico

Featured in Esquire, August 6, 2018

Our Tasting Room featured as the best place to drink in San Miguel de Allende

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The 5 Best Cities to Visit in Mexico Right Now

San Miguel de Allende: The City of Independence

"Ignacio José de Allende y Unzaga was a Spanish captain who sympathized with the Mexican people under colonial rule. He joined their fight for independence from New Spain, a decision that would cost him his life, but one that immortalized him as a hero to Mexicans forever. Today, the town named in his honor is a trip into both past and present. Classic colonial architecture lays the foundation for a city brimming with ex-pats from the United States, Canada, and abroad—and no one would blame you if you considered joining them as well.

Where to Drink:

Casa Dragones Tequila

Since the 1600s, a narrow cobbled street in San Miguel has been home to one of the world’s tastiest tequilas. And Casa Dragones' six-seat tasting room, 'the world’s tiniest tequila bar,' is worth the price of admission."