11th Annual Hayground School Chefs Dinner

Chefs Dinner in Bridgehampton

Last night, Tequila Casa Dragones joined chefs, food lovers and tequila aficionados at the 11th Annual Chefs Dinner in Bridgehampton, New York in honor of Chef Jonathan Waxman, known as one of the pioneers of California cuisine.

This is the third year that Casa Dragones has participated in this exciting event benefiting the Hayground School, and featuring some of the most acclaimed chefs in the country. Guests delighted in a plentiful array of hors d’oeuvres and a five-course dinner featuring the gastronomic creations of chefs Gail Arnold, Chef Josh Capon, Bobby Flay, Claudia Fleming, Christian Mir, Marc Meyer, Marc Murphy, Titti Qvarström, Joe Realmuto, Aarón Sánchez, Jason Weiner. The night culminated in a sensational pairing of chocolates and Tequila Casa Dragones Joven Sipping Tequila, by renowned French pastry Chef Francois Payard.

The night also featured a musical performance by Sarah Jessica Parker and Peter Duchin. It was a sensational summer night in Bridgehampton and we look forward to next year!

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