Barra Mexico 2016

The Premier Showcase Event

Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco was proud to participate in this year’s Barra México, Latin America’s premier showcase event dedicated to the best of international mixology. The all day event in Mexico City drew an audience from around the world, ranging from spirit enthusiasts and restaurant owners to celebrated master mixologists and luxury brands.

A Celebration of Mexican Mixology

During this enormous celebration of Mexican mixology, the presence of Casa Dragones could be felt throughout the room. Positioned in the heart of Barra Mexico’s sprawling showcase, Casa Dragones Blanco’s specially made bar featured a rotation of internationally celebrated mixologists including Rusty Cerven of London’s Gibson and Connaught Bar, José Luis León of Mexico City’s Limantour, Zoltan Nagy of Austria’s Boutique Bar, Antonio Lai of Hong Kong’s Quinary and many more. While behind the custom bar, each mixologist used the versatility of Dragones Blanco to create their own signature craft cocktails for a captivated and ever present crowd.

The most impressive cocktails of the day were brought to life by the combined creativity of three mixologists at once. The collaborations featured everything from fire and ice to chemistry sets, and harnessed the international influence found within each of their creators.

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