Barra Mexico Kickoff Party at Limantour with Rusty Cerven

The Party

Tequila Casa Dragones was proud to partner with the renowned Mexican mixology bar, Licorería Limantour as co-hosts of this year’s official Barra Mexico kickoff party. Known as Latin America’s premier showcase event highlighting the best of international mixology, Barra Mexico is an all day event in which the most talented bartenders, mixologists and spirit enthusiasts descend upon Mexico City for the opportunity to interact with the world’s most sophisticated spirit brands.

A Celebrated Mixologist

To celebrate the arrival of this momentous event, we were joined at Limantour by one of the UK’s most celebrated mixologists – Rusty Cerven, the Bar Manager of London’s The Gibson and the former Senior Mixologist of The Connaught Bar. As the evening’s guest bartender, Cerven created three signature craft cocktails of different shapes, sizes and color, all featuring Casa Dragones Blanco.

Some of the most creative ingredients used in his cocktails included palm tree sugar, chocolate bitters and pineapple chutney, while the “Molinez” and “Flying Aztec” cocktails both featured artful garnishes adhered to the outside of their respective serving glasses.

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