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Many people are familiar with the story of Hidalgo and Mexican Independence Day of 1810. But little is known of the men who helped spark that movement in the late 1700’s. At that time, San Miguel de Allende was situated at the crossroads of the lucrative silver trade in Mexico. The Dragones of San Miguel, an elite cavalry of the Queen’s army who had been in Mexico for four generations, garnered much influence and power in business and trade throughout the region. The Dragones eventually formed alliances with influential leaders in the church, including Hildalgo, to seek independence from Spain. General Ignacio Allende, head of the cavalry and leader of the Dragones, worked closely with Hidalgo to spark the movement of Mexican Independence. On September 15th, 1810, Hidalgo notoriously rang the bell and exclaimed El Grito! marking the beginning of Mexico’s Independence Movement. 

Today, 205 years later, Tequila Casa Dragones is inspired by this remarkable history. This year, celebrate your spirit of independence on September 15th by serving Casa Dragones Joven at your dinner party or as an elegant toast. Viva Mexico!

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