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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with The United States Mexico Chamber of Commerce

At New York’s modern Mexican eatery, Cosme, members of The United States Mexico Chamber of Commerce gathered to celebrate their nation’s historic Cinco de Mayo holiday.

On arrival, guests were served a Casa Dragones Blanco cocktail, crafted by Cosme’s beverage director and esteemed mixologist, Yana Volfson. The cocktail, named Con Piquet, was a spicy blend of well-seasoned ginger and lime with Casa Dragones Blanco.

Before lunch, guests sat for a welcome note from the northeast executive director, Alejandro Ramos. In traditional Mexican style, Cosme’s Enrique Olvera and his team served a three-course lunch, including chorizo sope and pork tenderloin with corn tortillas and spicy avocado lime sauce.

The celebratory lunch remained in full swing late into the afternoon as guests raised many Con Piquet cocktails to the mark the occasion.

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