Criollo Anniversary Dinner

On Saturday, August 11, Casa Dragones joined chef Enrique Olvera and his renowned team at Criollo in Oaxaca, to celebrate the restaurant’s anniversary. To mark the special occasion, Criollo invited four chefs—all of whom have worked at Olvera’s own restaurant, Pujol—to create a special eight-course Casa Dragones Joven–paired dinner for 120 guests. The chefs, Jorge Vivanco (Coco Becker) from London’s Annabel’s, Erick Guerrero from Veracruz’s Dos Restaurante, Alejandro Villagomez from Costa Baja Resort’s La Paz, and Alejandro Bremont, Pujol’s resident chef de cuisine, were responsible for preparing at least one course each—everything made from locally-grown ingredients—while head chef of Criollo, Ricardo Arellano, was charged with crafting a second menu consisting entirely of vegan dishes.

The menu crafted by Olvera and the four guest chefs included a beet taco with quelites, a seafood-based dish with cod, mussels, and chorizo, a carambolo tomato cocktail with curd and hoja santa—paired with Casa Dragones Joven, a corn and rice dish with huitlacoche, a decadent fish crudo, fresh grapefruit and jícama over crab with a chintextle paste, a rib-eye steak cooked in a traditional Oaxacan chileajo style, and a coffee tamale with ginger ice cream and pears to finish.

The vegan menu, prepared by Arellano, consisted of a garbanzo bean taco, fried guacamole, barbecued vegetables, an avocado leaf tamale with a garlic and parsley sauce, a sabila aloe tiradito—paired with Casa Dragones Joven, a chilacayote squash and corn soup, an atole de mamey with cocoa (a hot corn flour based drink, made with pureed fruit and milk) and for dessert, blue-corn flan.

Following the dinner, guests were invited to an after party celebration where they enjoyed music, dancing, and Casa Dragones Blanco on the rocks.



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