“Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away” Exhibition

On Wednesday, August 29, Casa Dragones headed to Copenhagen to join the internationally acclaimed artist Danh Vo in celebrating the opening of his exhibition “Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away” at The National Gallery of Denmark. Vo removes existing objects, images, and sculptures out of their original context and interweaves them to form new narratives about identity and culture. This exhibition was previously at the Guggenheim this spring (February 9-May 9, 2018).

The evening began with remarks from curator Henrik Holm, preparing the hundreds of visitors for their first look at the show. During the viewing of the exhibition, Casa Dragones Joven was served for Danh and his friends and family in a VIP lounge space in the light-flooded atrium at the museum accompanied by opening remarks from curator Henrik Holm. After the viewing, Danh opted for a barbecue in front of the museum, where guests enjoyed grilled sausage and wild boar—from Germany, a special request from Danhalong with Casa Dragones Blanco on the rocks, wine, and beer.

From our 2015 collaboration with him on the “Punta Della Dogana” and “Slip of the Tongue” special edition series of Casa Dragones Joven to now, it is always a pleasure working (and celebrating) with our friend Danh Vo, and we congratulate him on a successful opening night.


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