Historic Ride to San Miguel de Allende

Cabalgata Historica

For the third year in a row and to kick off Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations, Casa Dragones joined the “Cabalgata Histórica,” one of the most unique events to celebrate Mexico’s Independence.

Over three days, the “Cabalgata Histórica” begins each year in the city of Queretaro and ends in oue spiritual home of San Miguel de Allende. This historic horseback ride commemorates the moment that Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, insurgent and supporter of the Mexican War of Independence, informed Miguel Hidalgo, Juan Aldama, and Ignacio Allende, captain of the Dragones of San Miguel, that their plans to start the movement of independence had been discovered. Soon after, Allende, Aldama, Hidalgo and the Dragones left to Dolores to officially start the war of Independence with “El Grito de Independencia.”

Casa Dragones is inspired by the courage and independent spirit of the legendary Dragones of San Miguel de Allende. The number “16” on all of our bottles is an homage to Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16th; the day that defined Mexico’s identity.

Viva Mexico!

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