Lehmann Maupin presents Liza Lou: “Classification and Nomenclature of Clouds”

On Wednesday, September 5, Casa Dragones celebrated the VIP opening of Lehmann Maupin’s new gallery space on 24th street in Chelsea for it’s inaugural exhibition: Liza Lou’s “Classification and Nomenclature of Clouds.” The presentation, which marks Lou’s first in New York City in over a decade, includes a variety of multidimensional works: sculptures, paintings, drawings, and more. Throughout the evening, guests toured the new space admiring the illusory pieces while sipping Casa Dragones Joven, and concluded the event with a final toast to Lou.

On Thursday, September 6, following the gallery’s official opening to the public, Casa Dragones joined Lou and the Lehmann Maupin team for a private celebration at Chinese Tuxedo. Guests enjoyed a variety of cocktails crafted with Casa Dragones Blanco: the Jalisco Old Fashioned (with xocolatl mole bitters and agave), and the Tiger Balm (with grapefruit szechuan oleo saccharum, lime and tajin). Later on, guests were welcomed downstairs to the bar at Peachy’s for late-night dancing and drinks, where they enjoyed the Shang Yang Highball (Casa Dragones Blanco with mezcal, pineapple, passionfruit, aperol, and lime), and the classic Dragones Rocks.

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