Opening Gabriel Orozco’s Exhibition, “OROXXO” at Kurimanzutto

A special event was held at Kurimanzutto in Mexico City to celebrate the launch of  “OROXXO”, the newest exhibition from one of Mexico’s most influential contemporary artists, Gabriel Orozco.

Notable attendees of the evening included Mexican screenwriter and producer, Alfonso Cuarón, and Mexico City art dealer, Monica Manzutto, along with fellow contemporary artists, collectors, dealers and many more.  As the attendees explored the extraordinary contemporary exhibition by Orozco, they enjoyed Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco served on the rocks, with a twist of tangerine and grapefruit, as passed appetizers prepared by Mexican chef Elena Reygadas of Mexico City’s Rosetta Restaurant made their way throughout the space.   

“OROXXO” at the Kurimanzutto coincided with the Zona Maco contemporary art fair. Based in Mexico City, Zona Maco is one of the most renowned art fairs in Latin America, featuring many international contemporary art galleries such as Gagosian along with local Mexican galleries Luis Adelantado, Arredondo / AROZARENA and more.

At first, the exhibition appears as a standard OXXO store, the most popular and recognizable convenience store chains in Mexico. However, three hundred of the three thousand common consumer goods such as Johnson’s Baby Powder and Lay’s Classic Potato Chips that would typically be on sale were recreated by the artist and repositioned back on their original store displays. Orozco expressed that by turning everyday products into fine pieces of artwork, he was highlighting the interchangeable aspect of both the art and everyday consumer markets on very contrasting levels.

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