Tequila Casa Dragones Celebrates La Calaca & Dia de los Muertos

The Celebration

Tequila Casa Dragones celebrated the annual La Calaca festival of San Miguel and the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos with a magnificent altar to honor General Ignacio Allende and Casa Dragones’ exceptionally deep roots in Mexican history. Throughout the weekend, La Casa Dragones also hosted a special tasting of Casa Dragones Joven, and welcomed one of Mexico City’s top mixologists to create original cocktails at Casa Dragones Tasting Room.

La Casa Dragones Altar

This year’s altar at La Casa Dragones was in honor of General Ignacio Allende – the leader of the Dragones of San Miguel who also played a key role in sparking Mexico’s Independence movement. Even more meaningful, was the location in which this altar was created. La Casa Dragones dates back to 1610, and was originally used as the stables for Los Dragones of San Miguel – the Queen’s most elite cavalry unit lead General Ignacio Allende. While this year’s altar pays homage to General Allende, it also serves as a unique physical symbol of La Casa Dragones’ incredibly deep roots in Mexican history by remembering its position at the epicenter of Los Dragones of San Miguel, and of the Independence movement which they helped ignite.

La Calaca

During La Calaca, a festival that is completely unique to San Miguel, visitors and locals celebrate arts and culture throughout several days leading up to the Dia de los Muertos holiday. Parades, exhibitions, performances and even “Dead Talks” – the Festival’s version of “Ted Talks” – take place within the city’s streets, galleries and markets. This year, several of La Calaca’s VIP guests were able to enjoy a special tasting of Casa Dragones Joven in the courtyard of La Casa Dragones while also admiring La Casa’s traditional Dia de los Muertos altar. During the weekend, La Casa Dragones also opened its doors to guests, visitors and locals to admire La Casa’s traditional altar, surrounded by a sea of bright yellow-orange marigold flowers, candles and sugar skulls.

Mixologist Alejandro Blanco

Meanwhile, one of the top mixologists in Mexico – Alejandro Blanco of Hotel Las Alcobas in Mexico City – joined Casa Dragones at the newly opened Casa Dragones Tasting Room. While there, he created two original signature cocktails using Casa Dragones Blanco which were inspired by the city of San Miguel and by the weekend’s festive celebrations. His first cocktail, “The Dark Night,” drew on classic fall flavors like cardamom to accentuate the hints of pepper and clove in Casa Dragones Blanco while using the citrus of orange liqueur and tangerine juice to balance out the agave. His second cocktail, “The Purple Dragon” is a colorful ode to the vibrant characteristics of traditional Dia de los Muertos celebrations which feature shades of red and purple. Fruits including lemon and pitaya, commonly called “Dragon Fruit,” lend their citrus flavors and distinctive colors to this refreshing cocktail.

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