Venice Film Festival with Carlos Reygadas

On Wednesday, September 5, Casa Dragones joined acclaimed Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas at the 75th Venice Film Festival for the premiere of his new movie Nuestro Tiempo, or Our Time.

This edition of the festival showed a particularly strong presence for Mexican cinema: Carlos was one of three Mexican directors to premiere, presided by a jury which included Guillermo de Toro. In his fifth film—and his debut on-camera himself—Carlos appeared with his wife, Natalia Lopez, and his children as a family living in the the Mexican countryside, raising fighting bulls, when they are confronted with an emotional crisis in love and trust.

After the premiere, Carlos, Natalia, and other cast, crew, friends, and family (including Carlos’s sister, Elena Reygadas, the top-chef behind Mexico City’s Rosetta) celebrated with a private rooftop dinner overlooking the beach. The meal began with Casa Dragones Joven as guests were seated; Later into the night, more guests joined for the after-party, where Casa Dragones Blanco was served on the rocks with an orange twist.

We give our sincere congratulations to Carlos on his new film. Salud!

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