Yolcan “Chefs Semilla” Lunch with Italian chef Marco Carboni

On Saturday, September 8, Casa Dragones joined Yolcan for a special lunch as part of its “Chefs Semilla” program, whose mission is to save and support the Mexican tradition of chinampa farming; this was the sixth event Casa Dragones has supported as part of this initiative, this year. The lunch took place on the floating farms in Xochimilco, and gave guests the opportunity to be introduced to the benefits of sustainable cultivation, through a special menu featuring local-grown ingredients from the Yolcan chinampas, prepared by Marco Carboni of Mexico City’s Sartoria.

The seven-course meal, which was paired with Casa Dragones Joven, included: garlic focaccia topped with charred eggplant, sesame seeds, oregano and olive oil; a grilled beetroot carpaccio with Querétaro goat cheese, hazelnuts, balsamic and thyme; a bell pepper bocconcini with pancetta and dates; a heirloom tomato salad with watermelon, cantaloupe, and burrata; cucumbers, walnuts, and basils tossed  over charred italian lettuce; potato salad with oil, vinegar and scallions; mushroom risotto; fish a la talla topped with avocado and salsa verde; and meringues with whipped cream, salted pistachios, and seasonal fruit for dessert.

Casa Dragones was thrilled to support Yolcan in honoring the ancient customs of Mexican cuisine and working to rehabilitate the chinampas by supporting the “Chefs Semilla” program with this event. Salud!

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