Yolcan “Chefs Semilla” Lunch with Meroma

On Saturday, Sept. 29 Casa Dragones for the seventh time this year proudly attended a special lunch as part of the “Chefs Semilla” program by Yolcan, whose mission is to save and support the Mexican tradition of chinampa farming. This month’s lunch featured chefs Mercedes Bernal and Rodney Cusic of Mexico City’s Meroma, who prepared a sumptuous six-course meal, paired specially with Casa Dragones Joven.

This month’s locally sourced menu began with delicate clam finger sandwiches, and then moved grilled artichoke salad and grilled asparagus with achiote butter and bread crumbs. The main course was grilled lamb over lentils and for dessert, strawberries with fresh crème fraîche and honey.

Casa Dragones delights in supporting Yolcan’s efforts to preserve the time-honored tradition of Mexican agriculture, as well as to promote exquisite Mexican cuisine. See you next month!


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